another goal to keep in mind

Haven’t worked on this one yet, but I want to write it down so I’ll feel guilty every time I see this and think about not getting anything done on it… I’ve been reading about how to submit picture books, and I need to make a dummy for the Lettuce Rancher; now I know how to do it, and it’s going to be easy (have Kinko’s do it! Yay!), but I found out that the Lettuce Rancher as it is now is probably not in the best format for a picture book. Apparently, they are almost always 32 pages and if you differ from that, it gives publishers headaches. So I’ve reformatted it so that it’ll be the right length, but it’s gonna need a few more pictures. You only submit it with two or three finished illustrations, but you do need rough sketches of all of the pics for the dummy.

So, the next thing to do with the ol’ Rancher is to do sketches of all the illustrations, and then to do 2-3 finished drawings. It’s not that much to do, it’s just that I feel kind of “meh” about working on it more. I wish it was done. I’m still battling feelings of insecurity about even trying to submit things– must stop self-sabotaging!! That’s my mantra; I ought to start meditating on it every day…


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