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new piece/new idea for a series

Well, I’ve done pretty well this last week– one of my goals I’d made, once it became clear that without deadlines for classes I was completely dorking out on getting any art done, was to get some sketching done every day. It helps a lot when you’re in a dry spell for ideas to have a sketchbook full of stuff– even if none of it is particularly brilliant or inspired, at least it gives you a jumping off point. So I’ve been doing pretty well with that since we got back from our trip to the Bay Area; I’ve done a lot of new sketches.

Another goal was to finish a drawing every week (which sounded crazy to me at the time; my big, detailed pen and ink drawings take weeks to do…but I figured what the heck? Better to aim high and push myself), and ta-da! I actually did accomplish that too.

I had found a site I really liked with these lovely little watercolor paintings, very simple and small but with such great lines and so much personality that I felt like, jeez, this guy packs more interest into these simple things than I do with all my fussy, obsessive little details that take forever to finish… So I tried to keep simplicity more in mind, and (using some of my new sketches, yay!) did this painting, which I think turned out kinda neat. Here’s the pen and ink version of it, almost finished:

I ended up changing it a little after this point; I decided it didn’t need the rafters I’d been planning on adding. So the finished painting just has the stone walls go up a little higher. I’ll scan the painting in soon…And the cool thing is that this has turned into an idea for a whole series of paintings. I already have sketches for a few more, and vague ideas for some others…In addition to the Philosopher here, I’m going to have a Wisewoman, an Artist (of course!), a Shaman, possibly an Orator, a Despot (maybe Dictator or Tyrant? not sure yet), and I’m sure there’lll be more. They’re really fun to think up!

And here’s the site I was looking at: Very cool! Funny blog, too. I’ll have to keep up with his stuff, I just love it.


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