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new stuff! the orangutan series

Well, it’s been a while! I haven’t been keeping up on writing entries here too well, but I have been working on my goal of getting one new illustration done a week– working on it, you’ll note, not accomplishing it! I’ve been putting in a lot of work on the Orangutan series, but I’ve been so excited about all the ideas that I haven’t focused on getting them done one at a time, just working on all of them at once. But last night I got three done at once, so now at least I have plenty to show for all the time!

Here are the finished ones– The Coquette, The Gourmand, and The Sage:

I’m really pleased with all three of these. The original plan for this series has kind of transformed from what I was thinking it was going to be when I did the Philosopher, though. I’d been intending on making all of them more simple and quick in the pen & ink part and then finishing them up with watercolor, to kind of move away from my super detailed, black and white fixation. But as I worked I just felt like they really wanted to be left in black and white, with a lot of focus on line and texture, rather than adding color and focusing more on that. I dunno, so they’ve definitely moved away from where the Philosopher was aiming–I prefer this, of course, as I always prefer my black and white, heavy-on-the-detail work to my paintings… I don’t know if I’m right to move away from my idea to do some more simple, quick small works, but this style just seems right for this series.

Augh! Will I ever be able to force myself to do some works in color?! :) Oh well!


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