new idea

Just wanted to get this down somewhere before I forget about it– I don’t have time to work on anything right now because library school is turning out to be EXTREMELY time-consuming, so I have to write any ideas I have down until I can work on them at some point… Of course, that only works so well, because so often a new idea that seems super exciting and inspired and fabulous at first turns out to seem really dull and stupid if I have to put off working on it and come back to later.

Anyway, we were on the beach and saw this awesome piece of driftwood, about six or seven feet long, that looked *exactly* like a gigantic femur; so I was imagining how cool it would be to make giant driftwood skeletons… That’s out of reach for me, because I have no way to transport giant pieces of driftwood–or finished giant sculptures either, for that matter–but it got me started thinking about how skeletal sculptures could be really neat… So I want to do a series of Sculpey (or Das, I guess) skeletons of weird imaginary creatures… I think that could be so much fun! (gotta remember some of the tips I picked up from that site I linked to last week (A Dyin Art) about hardening delicate pieces a bit with a hair dryer as you go…that’d come in handy with little things like bones.)


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