I shall become an animator!!

Well, you know, gotta keep expanding the ol’ repertoire, right? Why shouldn’t I make a cartoon?!

…….Oh, right, because I’m not a team of animators…I don’t have a bunch of drones at my disposal to save me from having to do the thankless chore of drawing a million in-betweens….hmm…perhaps there is a flaw in this plan! I don’t care, I’m still interested in trying it.

I’ve just recently had this idea for a cartoon kind of thing set to Berlioz’s “Ronde Du Sabbat,” which is a really fun, scary-yet-whimsical piece of classical music… I think once I have some time to fiddle around with it I’ll be able to accomplish what I have in mind with just scanning in drawings, working on them in Photoshop, and then using Windows Movie Maker to animate it. Not sure, but I think it’ll work. I could use Flash, but from what I’ve seen online, I don’t think that would have the look I want. Too smooth and computer-generated looking– I really want it to be rough and to make sure it has the look of my drawings, not an artificially smoothed-out Flash drawing, which has a very distinctive look of its own. Anyway, something fun to do when I can get to it…I have some very rough sketches which I’ll scan in and add to this post later.


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