art projects, work in progress

more sketches in the Orangutan series

NOTE as of 5/12/09: Where have all my pictures gone?! It’s so aggravating. They’ve all just disappeared into the internet ether, and I see someone was viewing this screwed-up page just a couple of days ago, which must’ve looked totally lame. *sigh* So, uh, anyway, this note is to say, “coming soon,” I guess? eh heh heh.

I haven’t had time to do much work (read: none) thanks to library school, which is super frustrating, but I do have some scans to post…these are just some rough sketches for some more pieces in the Orangutan series: the Tyrant, the Drunkard, and the Shaman! (Sorry for the poor quality of the scans; the sketches are a mix of pen-and-ink and pencil, which is hard to scan–the pencil lines tend to get lost because the ink is so much darker.)

Anyway, here is the Drunkard:

The Shaman (this one is particularly badly scanned, sorry!):

And finally, the Tyrant…I just love him! He is really quite creepy; I can’t wait to finish this one…


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