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some thoughts on online schooling

I haven’t mentioned it a whole lot here, but man, library school–wow. It’s, um, hard and stuff.

It keeps me from doing much else, which I have mentioned before, but it bears repeating because it is so, so true. At the end of the day I’m just so wiped out from it I usually don’t feel like doing much but going to sleep or zoning out with an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000…it gets kind of depressing sometimes. (Not the MST3K, that part’s awesome.)


I really get the impression that professors teaching online assign a whooole lotta reading just to make double sure that you’re not getting off lightly with an online degree.

Which is good and all, don’t get me wrong — I mean, I’d feel weird if it DID seem like I was getting off easy this way (but it’s also kind of strange, maybe a smidge frustrating, to think that other people will not be aware of that at all, and likely will assume that you had it easy when they hear you got an online degree).

So, yeah, I guess I’m just saying that I think people need to be aware of what they’re getting into if they decide to do an online degree (because although I only have experience with library school, from what I’ve been reading, other people find that this is true of other degree programs as well). Expect to work your little bum off (or your not-so-little-bum, thanks to all the sitting-in-one-place-staring-at-a-computer-all-day you’ll be doing, ha).

It’s just so much more reading than in a regular in-person class, since the lecture is generally a bunch more reading, on top of the usual textbook readings you’d be doing anyway…

I really *am* enjoying it, in a punishing kind of way, but it is definitely not as much fun as a degree in art was, put it that way!


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