oog, major unreasonable fit of envy

I’ve just been looking around at all the mysterious boxes various super-special bloggers have been getting from the people making the Coraline movie and I am so excessively green with envy right now, I can’t even tell you! And then Billy insists on being all reasonable and junk, telling me things like “Well, since you’ve only been blogging for like two months and plus you don’t let anyone see your blog and plus you rarely write anything of consequence or interest to anyone, you couldn’t possibly have gotten one so how can you be jealous of something that you couldn’t expect to get?” which of course is just so irritating. Has anyone ever liked the voice of reason, ever? I doubt it.

Anyway, these boxes are so amazing! All handmade, and each one different & full of these wonderful little artifacts from the movie. I can’t do them justice; I’ll just post some of the pics I’ve found:

Here’s Fashionista Piranha’s:


Here’s the one Cleolinda got (love Cleolinda–I’m dying for her to finish her book The Black Ribbon):


Here is the one Geeks of Doom got:


Apparently each box came with a password for the movie website (www.coraline.com) to unlock some footage, too..(passwords so far are “stopmotion,” “buttoneyes,” “armpithair,” “sweaterxxs,” “puppetlove,” and “moustachio”). This is just the coolest promotion idea I’ve ever heard of. And the movie is another stop-motion one from Henry Selick, who directed Nightmare Before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach (squee! I just love both of those movies so much. Stop-motion is my favorite kind of animation…so much detail and richness in the settings and characters and everything, there’s nothing else like it). And I loved the book so much, and now the movie looks like it will be just *incredible*…yay for things to look forward to as school does its best to beat all the joy out of me, haha.


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