fun links!

This is the cutest thing…I am undoubtedly totally late to the party here, it’s prolly really old, but I hadn’t seen it before. Check it out: Austenbook

I love this one: “Kitty Bennet became a fan of Officers” — hee! But now I need to re-read Pride and Prejudice… Oh, and after I tracked the links back to see who made Austenbook, I found out that she’s in library school too! A fellow library nerd, that so figures… :-P I’ll edit and add a link to her livejournal later, when I track it down again. ETA: Here’s her livejournal, edeainfj, and I see that Austenbook actually isn’t old, she just did it. Cool! I’m not behind the times on an internet thing, for once.

There’s also Meyerbook; I haven’t checked that one out yet, but I imagine it will be funny… Sparkly vampires… *giggle*

Anyway, back to working on my Information Retrieval assignment now, *le sigh*  It’s my last assignment of the semester though, thank dog… then just studying for finals and then done!! can’t wait–I’ll be updating way more often over the break–got big plans for art/wrtiting projects, yay :-)


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