the semester is (unofficially) over!

Yay, I survived! I am so looking forward to getting to do some creative stuff over the break, to make up for having to read, write, and think about management for the past four months. *shiver* I need a scary font for the word “management,” seriously. That was not a happy place for me, that’s all I can say…

Anyway, the second the semester started easing up in the last week, I got back to writing and drawing, at least a tiny bit. I’ve done a bit of sketching and little writing just about every day — better than nothing, right? It makes me feel like I’m not *totally* euthanizing the creative part of my brain, anyway, which is, unfortunately, how library school makes me feel sometimes.

So here’s a scan of a (very) quick sketch I did yesterday. It goes with a story that’s been at the back of my mind for a few months now which I hope to work on over the break — although, I gotta admit that as soon as I had a little time to really think about this so-called story idea, I realized that I basically have no idea what it’s about, what happens, who’s in it– you know, a few picky little details like that. It pretty much amounts to a bunch of random images in my head that lead nowhere. It’s like it…dissolves when I look closely at it… I really don’t know that it’s going to get any further than those pictures in my head, but here’s the sketch, anyway. :)



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