art projects, school, silliness


The semester IS OVER. LIFE BEGINS ANEW!!!  –sorry, but this is an occasion that simply demands abuse of the capslock key and excessive punctuation.

I am so relieved!! I finished my last final a couple of hours ago, and it. Feels. Delightful. I can’t even tell you. Tomorrow I’m going to write (work on Owen’s Uncles–poor Owen’s been in a tight spot for ages now, I really need to get him outta there), watch a DVD (Star Wars? The Office? Who knows! anything’s possible, man!), drink coffee (yes, I do that everyday, but tomorrow it will just taste better), do Christmas cards…Oh, and I’ve got a really cool new book, “The Human Figure in Motion,” that I can’t wait to do some sketches from…

Human Figure in Motion by Eadweard Muybridgefig. 1. Cool new book, yay.

Eee! I can’t wait. I have school stuff I have to do over the break, but I absolutely *refuse* to think about it until Monday at the earliest. Nyaaah.


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