art projects, writing

I accomplished things!

Yay! I’m such a procrastinator, I just have to congratulate myself on doing what I planned on doing today. I did some sketching from the Muybridge book, worked on a scene for the animation I keep talking about doing, and wrote several pages of Owen’s Uncles (poor Owen is no better off, though–if anything, he’s in more of a jam now).

Doing the sketches from the Muybridge book was really interesting… It’s so nice to have some reference for drawing people again, since it’s been months since my last life drawing class. But, man, it is just amazing what a difference there is between drawing people from photos and drawing from life. It takes a major brain adjustment (for me, anyway)–for one thing, it seemed to be a lot harder to keep proportions right. I think because looking at a photo you really have to force your eye to take in the whole thing, not just focus on one bit at a time, whereas when you’re drawing from life you *have* to look at the whole body as well as all the separate bits, just to make sense of all the information…if that makes sense. Anyway, it takes some effort to adapt to it. But it felt SO nice to get some practice again!

The other thing I was thinking about today was the story writing…I’m getting to the climax now, like I said, Owen’s in real trouble, and what I’m finding is that I have to really push myself to make bad things happen, heh :-)  It’s fun to get to the parts where the bad guys start really getting down to business, but at the same time it’s tough– I kind of just want everyone to be happy and nice! But I know I don’t want to make the mistakes of a certain writer I could name…let’s just call her, I dunno, Mephenie Steyer…where you can never bring yourself to have ANYTHING bad happen to ANYONE. Blah! So, anyway, that’s what I was doing today :)  Can’t wait to get back to it tomorrow!


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