library stuff

the world of library blogs is a strange place.

Warning: what follows is totally dull unless you’re inordinately interested in the seamy underbelly of librarianship. One thing I’ve been wanting to do since starting library school is get a chance to explore some of the seemingly-infinite number of library blogs out there. While researching for schoolwork I kept getting the feeling that there was this whole host of librarians out there blogging away–like, every other livejournal and blogspot profile I read seems to be a librarian’s–but I didn’t have time to follow all the links I was seeing. So now that I’ve had time, I can only say My God. There are a LOT of them. And apparently it has lots of neat little tempests-in-teapots, too! (Or tempests in pee-pots, in the immortal words of my mum…I considered that as a name for my blog, actually…) Neat! I love a good Internet drama.

So, one interesting (read: obnoxious) phenomenon that I keep seeing a lot about is the Annoyed Librarian. She’s fairly grating, which I guess is kind of her deal…Like, a whole blog dedicated to trolling librarians! Uh, cool…?

But I have to admit that this article on her attempt at joining in with the spirit of the Ubiquitous Librarian is actually pretty funny…. (Of course, a post or two later she’s talking about how lame library school is in general, and distance education in particular; so thank goodness she gets right back to being annoying, just to reassure me that I’m not starting to agree with her or anything!)



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