art projects

just to prove that I’ve been working

Got to get some new art supplies yesterday and played around with them today–six new kinds of pen nibs! Very fun to try the different things that they all do best…some work well for fine lines, some are nice and flexible so you get lots of line variety and stuff. Here’s a little bit of playing around from today…

You can tell I’ve been thinking a lot about my story Owen’s Uncles–that’s poor little Owen and a rather extra-ugly version of his uncle Mortemius (and a bird, for some reason)…I’ve been working on Owen’s Uncles a lot the last few days and it’s almost done. Now I’m getting excited to do some illustrations for it; I started researching for those today…collected some neat reference pictures of clothing from the 1890s-1920s. Fun!

Can’t wait to start the drawings, especially with my new pen stuff…If I manage to resist spending too much time with new Christmas stuff (Buffy comics, yay! New Philip Pullman book, more yay!!) I should have some more sketches to post in the next few days ^.^


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