interview with Henry Selick

Just wanted to post a link to an interesting interview with the director of Coraline (you remember, I was raving about his cool movies in an  earlier entry), Henry Selick… very fun read!coraline_jpg_595x325_crop_upscale_q85

I love this part where he’s talking about what he loves about stop-motion–this is exactly what’s so magical about it:

“Stop-motion is what I keep coming back to, because it has a primal nature. It can never be perfect. There’s always something like—[Points to the Coraline puppet on the table.] Coraline’s sweater, you can notice here that it’s sort of boiling. And that’s because people are touching it and moving it for every frame. There’s an undeniable reality that I don’t think any of the other mediums give you. You know these things are real even if you don’t know exactly how they move, how big they are. [. . . ] It’s never going to be the dominant filmmaking style. It’s always going to be the cousin off to the side. You know, the more eccentric relative of yours that some of the kids like.”

Henry Selick talks to the AV Club


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