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News at last!

Yes, I’ve been kind of remiss lately, I know. Blogging is hard! I don’t always have stuff to talk about, you know? When a day was nothing but working on library school assignments, there’s not a lot of interest in it to tell other people about–I’m sparing you crippling boredom, honestly. And lately the main thing outside of schoolwork that I’ve been working on is Owen’s Uncles, and there’s nothing to post about that…when I work on drawings I have something to show for it that I can post–when I work on stories I’d feel kinda silly posting the paragraphs I wrote that day!

But I do have news now–I finished Owen’s Uncles!! This is a big deal to me…I’ve been writing that thing a little at a time longer than I’ve been in college–so over four years now. Whew! I can’t describe how good it felt to get it thing done–like my head felt pounds lighter all of a sudden. It was lovely. I still have some editing to do of course, but basically I’m ready to figure out which publisher I can send it to first (“first,” you note–I’m SO ready to be rejected!). Exciting and terrifying all at once…So yeah, that’s done and also I have a bunch of new projects in mind, a lot of almost-done new drawings, and an idea or two for another handmade book like The Lettuce Rancher. Anyway, I’ll come back shortly and add a scan of a new drawing here–I just don’t want to use the scanner right now b/c Billy’s still asleep & the computer is right against the bedroom wall…I’m even trying to type quietly…

Edit: Okay, the dude has arisen (finally), so I got some stuff scanned in. I’m thinking I should just set up a page for new stuff, don’t you think? (whoever it is I’m talking to here) So I’m going to just put one scan here and then the rest on the (new) new stuff page…okay!

This is called “At Night” — I’m not explaining the title, as it has to do with another crazypants phobia ^_^ Here ’tis, click on it to go to the new page to see the rest of the new, well, you know, stuff…

At Night. 14"x17", pen and ink.
At Night. 14"x17", pen and ink.


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