Coraline box swap


I was looking around some more at the Coraline movie website and came across Bobinsky’s blog, which I hadn’t read before (really funny!). Anyway, it looks like I’m not the only one still wishing I’d gotten a Coraline box…(Even Bobinsky wishes he had–poor guy, you’d think he’d have been a sure thing!)

Some bloggers are organizing their own Coraline box swap (that’s a really wonderful crafts blog that link goes to–my little mochi, it’s called–look around at all her neat teeny dollies and stuff), and I keep wondering if I should sign up for it. I reeeally want to, I’m just nervous about it. I wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone! Still……

I think I will. Or try to, anyway–only the first fifty people to sign up tomorrow get to do it, so even if I try I might not get in. But I think I’ll give it a shot. Eek, I’m scared! (but now that I’ve decided to try you just know I won’t get in, heh…)

Oh, and look, here’s my kitty with button eyes (scary!):sticky_w_buttons1

You can make your own button-eyed picture at coraline.com–go to the Other Mother’s Workshop!



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