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some illustrations in progress

I decided a while ago that Owen’s Uncles would be illustrated after all–I hadn’t thought I would do illustrations for it because it’s aimed at older kids, but then I thought, nah, it’s too perfectly suited to some lovely little weird pen and ink drawings not to have them. And they are turning out to be a ton of fun to do, so I just have to share some of them now, even though they’re not done yet!

So here are some works in progress…

“Owen meets the Uncles” –still finishing up some background details, the door, etc…


“Arrival at Cragview Manor” — this one I’m not too sure about…it needs quite a bit of fiddling still before I’m happy with it–if I ever will be. I can’t quite come up with a view of the house that seems like I picture it in my head.


“Strange Figures in the Standing Stones”


–See that poor doggie? Yeah…he’s going to be edited out of the story :(  I feel awful about it! Tsk! It’s hard to switch from Doting Creator to Ruthless Editor mode.



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