finished moving…

I had to move all of my posts from Sitekreator by hand because I couldn’t find a way to export them… It was a pain, but I think it was worth it–I really like WordPress’s blog features (still like the rest of my site on Sitekreator better, though, so there it stays). So here I am! I can tag my posts, and categorize them, and oh my gosh do I love sorting things, so I’m really enjoying obsessing over that. Like, for example, since I’m posting this when I should be working on a paper for school, I can tag it with my “things I do instead of schoolwork” tag! Perfecto.

Oh, and and and, I have been working on my Coraline box, and I absolutely *love* what I’m making, and I found the niftiest old cigar box for it! Yay! I wonder if it’s okay if I post pictures of the works in progress…? Probably supposed to be kept hush-hush or something–but I reeeeally want to! I’m going to take in-progress photos anyway, I’ll post them after the swap is over if nothing else.

Okay, now back to work *sigh* on that paper *sigh*
Blah…(Ooh, now I can add the “blah” tag!!)


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