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Stuff for Coraline box swap (in progress)

Just thought I’d post some photos of what I’ve done so far for the Coraline mystery box swap that my little mochi organized. I just got my cigar box today, and it’s so much cooler than the photos on eBay made it look! I was really nervous after I ordered it that it was not right for this project, but as soon as I saw it in real life I totally fell in love with it.

So now that I’ve built up the suspense, here’s the box (my photos don’t do it justice either–the colors are richer in real life):



Isn’t it great? Douglas Fairbanks! *squee* It’s going to look so good with red velvet inside…I still need to hit some thrift stores and find some red velvet, of course–this week sometime.

I’m planning on doing at least one little sculpture for it, maybe two if I have time. Here is the first one in progress (please excuse the horrible photos…I don’t know why I always take such awful blurry pictures. Anyway…). Here’s my little tortoise, all sad and shell-less and nuuuude:

yet another view!

another view of tortoise

And his shell, the top half, anyway:

tortoise half-shell

Ugh, those are blurrier than I thought! >_<

They’re the only ones I have, though! Anyway… Let’s just move on and pretend we didn’t see those horrible blurry things, shall we? :)

Here’s a really rough sketch for a pen and ink drawing I’m planning — I don’t know how much it’ll look like this in the end… I have some plans for adding some little 3-d touches (kind of pop-up book style), so this is just kind of a concept drawing.

sketch of Coraline's other mother

So that’s the news for today–back to schoolwork, I guess. I’m coming to realize that I’m going to have to tag every single post I make with “things I do instead of schoolwork”. Sigh.


2 thoughts on “Stuff for Coraline box swap (in progress)”

  1. I have a couple of questions about the turtle, if thats alright with you?

    1. Is the turtle a bendible figure?
    2. and how are you so awesome at making these amazing pices of work! :)

    ,just questions out of the blue.

    nice work^^


  2. Hi Zeana :)

    1. Yes, the turtle is bendable–he has little wires inside his legs…
    2. aww! *blushing* you’re sweet ^_^

    Thanks so much for stopping by & for commenting!


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