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I am in *love*

…with my inspired-by-Coraline tortoise.

He’s got his shell attached now and I just need to do a couple little nit-picky things and then he’s done. He is very handsome, I think you’ll agree:

coraline tortoise

Aww! Isn’t he cool? I wish the colors in his shell showed up better, but you can see the texture of it at least.

This one gives you a better view of his face (while kind of making it look like one of his back legs has disappeared–it hasn’t, it’s just my elite photography skillz at work again):

coraline tortoise, front view

And I didn’t want to post a million views of him because I’m trying not to be TOO boring, but he has teeeny little vertebrae for his neck, and a little bone tail, too. ^_^

Well, as usual I’m doing this instead of doing schoolwork so I guess I’d better get back to it–*snivel*–but The Other Mother drawing is shaping up nicely, so hopefully I’ll get a chance to post a scan of that soon.


4 thoughts on “I am in *love*”

  1. Dora you are amazing and I am just floored with your box. My sad little box will be received with much chagrin. I know better next time than to enter a swap with real crafters. I will treasure your little box and your amazing drawing. The poem you sent, the paper used, you did not leave a detail out. My hat’s off to you. Thank you!


    1. I thought the box you made was cool, Yoli! I love your idea of the theatre setting with velvet curtains.
      And I’m *so* glad you liked the box I made for you :)


  2. I *love* your turtle! He stood out to me immediately in the movie! Great job on your box – Yoli’s a lucky lady to have gotten it! This was such a fun swap!


    1. Thanks for the turtle love ^_^ He needed more screen time in the movie! He was so cool…

      i agree, the swap was SO much fun–this was the first one I’d ever done, and I think I’m hooked now!


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