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another Coraline-related post…

Do I talk about anything else these days?!

I just thought I ought to post some pictures of my finished box for the swap, because if nothing else I know my mommy wants to see them…

So here we go:

Outside of box
Outside of box

the latch is made from two old earrings and a copper wire (that I annealed and shaped wif my own two hands in jewelry-making class *smug*)

latch detail

–detail view of latch, and Douglas Fairbanks’ handsomely be-buttoned eyes…

outside of box
outside of box
opened, with everything packed inside
opened, with everything packed inside

–Those are handmade teeny tiny clay buttons Douglas is sporting, in traditional black.


The finished Other Mother portrait. I have to find another picture of it where you can see her articulated arm better–there are tiny brass eyelets that let her arm move when you pull the thread, so she in turn pulls the thread that she’s sewing the doll’s eye on with. She also has a very tiny real needle in her hand…I was pretty happy with how she turned out.

Tortoise and little box
Tortoise and little box

And finally, the seeing stone, in its little velvet-lined box–it turned out really pretty (it’s polished polymer clay). I might have to do one for myself, too…

So that’s it! It was so much fun to make…I even tea-dyed the paper for the labels and burned the edges to make it look old… I really think I’m going to look for another vintage cigar box and make another one soon–I have more ideas!


2 thoughts on “another Coraline-related post…”

  1. Let me tell you, it was an honor to receive such a wonderful masterpiece of creativity. I was blown away by it and I look at it everyday. It is on display. Do you have a shop on Etsy where you sell your artwork? I would love to buy some of your drawings. I wish I had a bit of your talent. My sad little box was not recieved with great joy.


    1. I’m really happy you like it, Yoli. I was hoping from looking at your blog that it would kind of suit your aesthetic. I don’t have an Etsy shop… I’m not very productive, so I never thought about setting one up because I’d have so little to sell…I might look into it though, now that you’ve mentioned it–hmm!

      I am so sorry to hear you feel your box wasn’t well received :( I don’t understand why you think so though, I read her blog about it and I didn’t get that impression at all–I think you are worried for no reason! :)


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