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The Silver Key

Just finished a new drawing last night, finally. It’s been so hard to get time to work because it’s that part of the semester when everything is due all at once, and it’s really frustrating because I have a lot of ideas floating around that I wish I could work on–not to mention a story completely finished but for a few little bits of editing that I can’t seem to get time to do. Arrgh!

Oh well, at least this one drawing is done, that’s better than nothing–and I’m always amazed what a difference it makes to my mood and outlook on days when I get time to draw, even if it’s just for a little while. Anyhow, here’s the point of this post:

The Silver Key
The Silver Key. 11"x14", pen & ink

One of my favorite H.P. Lovecraft stories is “The Silver Key.” It’s about a man who has always had these wonderfully vivid dreams where he travels to other worlds and sees all these fantastic things, but as he ages, he finds that he has “lost the key to the gate of dreams.” (Isn’t that a nice phrase?) Then he finds a strange key hidden in the attic of his house, and he hopes if he takes this key back to the home he grew up in it will somehow allow him to get back to his dream worlds… it’s a really good story. The ending revolves around the main character’s ten-year-old self — hence this drawing.


3 thoughts on “The Silver Key”

  1. Girl you have so much talent. I love that you are posting again new work. I like that your drawings have so many layers to them, the longer you keep looking the more you discover.


    1. Thanks so much, Yoli, I really appreciate the feedback :)
      I wish I could produce more new work to post… Hopefully over the summer I’ll have more time for artwork & can post more regularly!


  2. I really, really like your work (especially the stories:] ) You’re very talented in both literature and drawing (and other visual art such as painting). Keep up the good work!


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