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a new drawing

What a hectic couple of months! First getting ready to move away from foggy, cold Humboldt County, while dealing with finals at the same time; then actually moving (that was a hellish weekend, for sure); then summer classes started just a week after we moved into our new house. The good news is that the new house is great, and I actually have a studio, and it’s all sunny and roomy and lovely. And it’s SO nice to be back in our hometown, where summer is just gorgeous and we can go creek swimming all the time, and our family is here and everything. I just feel so much better about everything, now that I’m back here with the beautiful mountains I grew up with all around again. Here’s a photo of one of my favorite places in the county, so you can see I’m not exaggerating how nice it is here:

Spanish Creek, Plumas County, CA
Spanish Creek, Plumas County, CA

I feel so much happier and more creative and inspired being back here… I know, I’m sickeningly happy, aren’t I? ^_^

Anyway, the real reason for posting: Finally finished a new drawing, and here it is…

Woman with Mask. pen and ink, 11"x14"
Woman with Mask. pen and ink, 11"x14"

I’m also just about ready to start submitting a manuscript & sample illustrations to publishers, and I’m serious this time…I even have the cover letters written, THAT’S how serious I am! Will be updating soon…


2 thoughts on “a new drawing”

    1. Thank you! Sorry to not reply sooner–I’ve been so remiss in checking in here for the last few months. I appreciate your taking the time to comment, it means a lot :)


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