Family Portrait

Got another new piece completed for the show I’m doing in November, so I thought I’d share it. I think this turned out kinda cool, and I had better luck with scanning it than usual, too, so yay. Plus I’m KIND OF getting the hang of seeing where the colors are off, and knowing what I need to do in Photoshop to adjust them. (Although I really cannot emphasize “KIND OF” enough here.)

Anyway, check it out:

Family Portrait. pen and ink, watercolor; 9"x12".

Isn’t she cute?! I love my weird, unpleasant-looking little kids…she would so be friends with the little boy in the Silver Key.

Now back to what I should be working on, which, as always, is an assignment for library school.

*pities self*

[eats some potato chips out of boredom and despair]

*loathes self*


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