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New work, and full of plans for winter break

This is another new piece I just finished for the show I have up right now–I finished it weeks ago, but I had to scan it in parts and I only got a chance to go into Photoshop and piece it together today…no time for anything art-related the last few miserable weeks, thanks to the million (read: three–but they were three REALLY BIG, mean projects) giant school projects I had to finish up. But another semester down now, hooray! So, anyway, here’s the picture…

Jenny Greenteeth. watercolor and pen & ink, approx 12"x16"

And now that I have some time, I really want to take some photos of the show before it comes down…it turned out looking pretty cool.

So, projects for the break are: submit “Owen’s Uncles” to the next publisher on my list; research how and where to submit my illustration portfolio; work on the new story idea that’s been bugging me for weeks with no time to work on it; keep working on illos for La Belle Dame Sans Merci (totally stalled out on that before, but I have better ideas on how to do it now); and do some work on “The Lettuce Rancher.”

I gave up on that last one there for a while because I kept seeing advice for would-be children’s book writers saying, “Don’t bother with that cute story you wrote about your pets, you sentimental dolt” (the last part was only implied). But while I was reading zillions of picture books for one of my library school assignments, I kept coming across cute stories about the author’s pets, and I learned two things from this:

1. Nuh-uh, advice-givers, those crappy pet stories totally do too get published; and

2. Yes, they generally do suck. So the advice still makes pretty good sense.

But MY cute-story-about-my-pets doesn’t suck, so I’m going to work on it again…


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