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Pics of my show, finally

I finally went in and took some pictures of my show — only about a month after I intended to! It’s kind of hard to take many, since it’s a restaurant…I had an inkling people wouldn’t want me hanging over their tables taking photos…

Anyway, just wanted to have a couple of mementos of the show; I was really happy with the way it turned out, so here we are:

"Senator Bicornis Ponders a Vote of No Confidence" -- a new piece I finished for the show & didn't have a chance to post a picture of... And of course I forgot to turn the flash off, so there's a nice big glare right in the middle of the glass -- behold, photography skillz at work!
dig that thermostat -- my favorite part!
Falling Leaves triptych

Okay, yes, I admit things appear to be hanging a bit crookedy. Yes, we could blame me and my poor job of hanging them, but in my defense, it IS a pub — maybe they’ve been drinking??

This is a very cool restaurant, too, so if you’re ever passing through Quincy, CA, check out Pangaea Cafe and Pub. Lots of really yummy organic and local food — aww, man, I’m hungry now, dammit…


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