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At the Window

I finished a new painting a couple of days ago…though I haven’t had a chance to adjust the colors of the scan yet, so it’s a bit off…but no one can tell that except me, so I guess it’s okay for now!

At the Window. 11" x 14". watercolor and pen & ink.

But what does it all mean, you ask?

(…You didn’t ask? Oh. Ahem.)

Anyway, it’s probably just my subconscious crying out for me to clean the house more often…


4 thoughts on “At the Window”

  1. You make me laugh with your cool comments and insights about yourself and your art and writing… you are not a dorkus… I just know someone will see your talent and snatch you up!

    Love you lots,


  2. You are, indeed, blessed with talent. I love your art work. But I write on the technical art of scanning.

    I too have been frustrated on this subject and searched the net for ideas but there’s not much help to be had. I thought I was the only one with problems.

    Things I have learnt:

    Quality depends on the type of scanner you use. Flat bed scanners can bleach out colour (type of paper has an effect too). Overhead scanners work much better – and their price reflects it. A cheap one is around $350.

    For book illustrations I often paint on A3. I have a flat bed scanner and do these in two overlapping sections. I then put them together in Photoshop with one picture set to 75% opacity so I can line up exactly.

    Photoshop is essential ! Colour management seems to vary so much on paper, ink, intensity of colour. Step one is setting up the scanner to capture the best way it can. Gutter correction, curves, saturation etc are all available on my scanner set up. It takes time and it’s good to write down your best set ups so as to be consistent for a publication. Step two is, as you have discovered, fiddling with Photoshop to restore faithfulness to the original.

    For line drawings scan using greyscale setting.

    Sorry I haven’t got a simple solution to the problem.


    1. Thanks so much for the tips, Malcolm! I didn’t know that about overhead scanners — I’ll have to put that on my list of art-related things to save up for someday…

      I’m just kind of glad to hear from someone else that there isn’t a magic bullet out there that I didn’t know about! It gets old fussing with Photoshop settings — although I wouldn’t mind so much if it seemed like I was ever successful with it!


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