Manuscript Submission Fail

I spent ages getting this submission ready and perfecting a beautiful cover letter and making sure everything was exactly right, and mailed it off the first week of January and then sat back to await my very first actual rejection letter (the last place I sent it to just doesn’t respond at all if they reject your submission).

Then, at some point after the last time I looked at the submissions guidelines page (which was just DAYS before I sent it!), this happened:

“As of January 2010” — hahahahaha. I see what you did there, Fate, you delightful little hussy, you.

Really I think what happened was that I misunderstood their policy– they have another page that says you can send the first fifty pages of a ms., but I guess that’s just for adult books. Now under Children’s Books it links to this OTHER page, which I hadn’t seen before, which says the above. C’est la vie (dammit! dammit! dammit!).

This means I don’t even get a rejection letter to hang on my wall and giggle about, I just got thrown in the TRASH. (Recycling bin, whatevs.)

*                    *                    *

ETA: Oh, yay! I guess I must have gotten in just under the wire, because I received a real live rejection letter a day after I posted this. Cool! I mean, yeah, acceptance would be cooler, but still, getting that first rejection letter out of the way is a relief…one step closer to the eventual “yes,” right?


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