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guinea pigs and lettuce and rabbits, oh my!

I’m working on too many projects right now, so that nothing actually gets done, but I’ve made some progress on one thing that I thought I’d post…

I have a picture book called “The Lettuce Rancher” that I’m getting ready to submit to publishers, and right now I’m doing a bunch of sketches to lay out a dummy version. It’s turning out kinda cool, I think– here are a few of the sketches:

Moe (our titular guinea pig lettuce rancher) has just discovered that a bunch of his lettuce has been eaten, and he's following a trail of lettuce leaves to find the culprits.
Ah-ha! Here we discover the guilty parties, dozing and digesting their stolen lettuce.
Moe confronts the terrible lettuce thieves!

It’s taken me a while to settle on a style that I feel like is cute and picture-book-friendly but still looks like me, but I think I’m finally feeling satisfied with what I’m doing. At first I had some super generic-looking cute-wittle-animals going on — I started these over about a zillion times — but finally I got some more jaggedy lines and bony knuckles and claws and crazy eyes in there and felt like I got back to doing what I do rather than just trying to make it look “like a picture book”…if that makes sense.


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