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Good grief, where’ve I been?

Uh, I guess at work, mostly. That’s kind of a good excuse for not updating my blog, right?

I got a job working at the local public library as the temporary youth services librarian, and it’s pretty cool to be putting my very-nearly-completed degree to some use. And it’s (mostly) pretty nice to be back in the working world instead of the school world after spending the last few years being a full-time student. And I get to read lots of children’s books and call it work! Yay!

So it’s working out pretty nicely, but it doesn’t leave oodles of time for blogging– and that’s probably also a good thing :)

But still, I thought I’d do a quick update so that it doesn’t look like this is one of the uncountable millions of dead blogs out there cluttering up the Internet… I do have some bits and bobs of progress on The Lettuce Rancher to post as well, so here’s a new illustration to brighten up this post:

Oof, that’s some tiny text… I’ll fix that & repost this later, really I will! *

*no I won’t.


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