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New work and stuff

Hi! I’ve been doing stuff.

1. I’m a full-fledged librarian now – I finished my master’s degree! And my temp job became permanent, so I actually found non-waiting-tables work right out of school. Even at half-time, I feel super, super lucky to have it…now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that the new California budget doesn’t kill it. Because of course libraries are a great place to cut lots of money! Who needs the library anymore?! (only poor people, bleh).

2. I just submitted my picture book manuscript for “The Lettuce Rancher” to a publisher, finally. I’ve only been working on that for a year or two, that’s not so long, ha ha.

3. Here’s some new work to pretty up this post:

I still need to fix the colors, it’s way too green, and it’s not quite done (I see now that I’ve scanned it in and spent all morning fiddling with it), but at least I posted something!

4. And I learned just enough xhtml/shtml/php/whateverthehell to put together a better site for my art, so stay tuned for that – and if I don’t post again for nine million years it’ll be because I’m going insane writing code…


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