Monkey and Bear

Ta-da, new illustration!

This one is for a song by Joanna Newsom called — you’d never guess by the title of my post —  “Monkey and Bear.” It’s, um…kind of a folk-y, ballad-y story-song sort of thing that I just love, and since it does tell such a vivid, weird story I thought it would be fun to do some illustrations for it.

The Heartless Haymonger

Give the song a listen if you don’t mind weird music! :)



  1. This is amazing!!!
    I love this!
    You have captured the scene I’ve imagined in my head perfectly!
    The emotion of bear in this really shows the power of the song!


    • That is so cool! You’re the first person I’ve talked to who knows the song — I’m glad you feel like it captures something of the feeling of the song. Thanks for commenting!


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