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Monkey and Bear

Ta-da, new illustration!

This one is for a song by Joanna Newsom called — you’d never guess by the title of my post —  “Monkey and Bear.” It’s, um…kind of a folk-y, ballad-y story-song sort of thing that I just love, and since it does tell such a vivid, weird story I thought it would be fun to do some illustrations for it.

The Heartless Haymonger

Give the song a listen if you don’t mind weird music! :)


2 thoughts on “Monkey and Bear”

  1. This is amazing!!!
    I love this!
    You have captured the scene I’ve imagined in my head perfectly!
    The emotion of bear in this really shows the power of the song!


    1. That is so cool! You’re the first person I’ve talked to who knows the song — I’m glad you feel like it captures something of the feeling of the song. Thanks for commenting!


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