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Web Presence, New Year’s Resolutions, etc., etc.

Holy cow, I just realized I posted all of four times last year! And here I thought I’d actually posted more regularly. Ha.

Well, I’m really going to make a SERIOUS EFFORT this year to post more often–although my life has actually only gotten more boring, if anything, so it is going to be challenging to have anything to talk about.  Stupid life, be more interesting!

Anyway, to kick things off, a work-in-progress! Behold the, um, unfinishedness!

This isn't finished. Don't expect too much.

The out-of-place warthog is totally inspired by (cough *ripped off from* cough) one of my favorite art teachers, Allen Stentzel, whose work I can’t link to because I can’t find any sign of him online. Pooh! He’s pretty awesome though, so consider this an oh-maaahhge. (That is the written equivalent of the terrible Pepé Le Pew-style accent I would adopt there if speaking aloud, to cover up the fact that I can’t say “homage” normally.)

Now, as part of my SERIOUS EFFORT to “build my web presence” (gag, gag), I shall employ advice I have read in all the millions of how-to articles on trolling for hits building web presence that the Internet is crawling with: End with a question to encourage readers to feel Involved In The Conversation.

Okay, let me think…

Got it! Question: Why on earth are The Cranberries on the View right now? Did I fall through a hole in space-time? No no, never mind. I seem to be as bad at starting conversations online as I am in real life.

Ooh, I know! Fool-proof recipe for successful blogging:

kitty picture, aka instant internet relevance
kitty picture, aka instant internet relevance

Ha! That was easy! Why have I not just been posting pet pictures all along?! Although feel free to talk about The Cranberries if you would like.


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