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Just a new (not really that new, actually, just forgot to post it before) painting to share. Mostly did this one just to mess around with watercolors and play with letting the colors bleed into each other and stuff. I’m normally such a control-freak with my artwork (hence the super-detailed anal retentive ink drawings) that it’s fun and hugely challenging to let things just do as they will sometimes…

Also partly responsible for this painting is this weirdly-proportioned watercolor block I ended up with — I thought I was ordering 9″ x 12″ paper but when it arrived it turned out to be 9″ x 21“! Kind of a big difference.

As usual I found adjusting the colors of the painting to be a big fat pain. I notice a lot of people find this blog because they’re googling phrases like “how to scan watercolors,” “scanning watercolors is a pain,” or “dammit, you monkey-farming scanner, scan this Monday-to-Friday painting right for a change!” or things to that effect. Clearly I’m not the only one struggling with this.

I wish I had some better tips, but basically it’s just trial-and-error for me. One of the best tips I found somewhere was that the grain of watercolor paper can look a lot different depending on which way you orient it on the scanner bed. So if you scan a larger painting in more than one part, you want to keep the paper oriented the same way if you can.

Anyone else have tips or tricks for getting the colors accurate with watercolor scans?


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