art projects, work in progress

Work in progress

Here is a thingie I’ve been working on for just ever and ever, it seems like, and since it seems to be on the road to never actually being finished I thought I’d just post a (terrible) photo of it in progress.


This is one of the times where I’ve set myself the task of using watercolor alone instead of doing a pen and ink drawing first. (It’s my crutch — it’s so much easier to just draw a line and boom, there’s the edge of the damn thing, instead of fussing around with colors and shading and god knows what all.)

I seem to have some sort of fixation on threatening water creatures, they show up so often in my artwork… But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean anything!

It’s not like in REAL life I ever think there might actually be some sort of horrid creature lurking underwater when I’m swimming in a dark creek! And I CERTAINLY never get so obsessed with thinking about something suddenly grabbing my ankle and pulling me under that I have to get out and calm down for a while. Certainly not. Ha ha. Ha.

…I’ve said too much.


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