I’m in Las Vegas!

Yay, I left the house! And not just to go to work!

Naturally, I’ve spent the majority of my time so far sitting in the hotel room watching a marathon of House. I never watch House at home! So I’m totally making the most of the trip.

Oh, also, I very intelligently didn’t bring a camera, so I’m limited to pictures taken with either my cell phone or the webcam on my netbook. That along with my elite photographic skillz is going to result in some CLASSIC photos.

Here’s a bit of the view from our room:

View from window of our room at the Flamingo
See? I don't need to go outside, I've seen enough

Looking right out at the Strip! And since there’s no House on right now, I may very well go out there and walk around.

I am just the most exciting person.


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