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Finding an Artist’s Rep — should you, can you, etc…


Took a break from working on the ol’ webcomic today to keep researching agents/artist’s reps… cat-writingLately I’ve been thinking instead of submitting my portfolio directly to publishers I should focus on trying to find an artist’s rep. (This is skipping the question of whether I could even get an agent anyway!)

I thought I’d share a couple of resources I found helpful, for other illustrators who might be pondering what I’m pondering…

Here’s an article by illustrator Jennifer Zivoin on what you can realistically expect from the artist/agent relationship: http://jzartworksblog.blogspot.com/2010/08/bit-about-representation.html Also looks like she has a good, helpful blog in general, check it out!

Here’s a great list of agents compiled by Emi Sfard: http://emisfard.com/site-promotion/the-ultimate-illustration-agents-list/

It’s a couple of years old, so I expect some links may have expired, but it still looks like an amazing resource! Again, the site as a whole looks really useful too. And Emi’s artwork is amazing! Be sure to check out the polymer clay sculptures/illustrations…very cool and unique.

BUT…as I mentioned in my first paragraph, finding agents to submit your portfolio to may be putting the cart before the horse — I’m noticing a lot of people saying if you don’t have previous publishing experience, don’t bother trying to get an agent. So after researching, I feel like I’m back at square one, confused and inclined to just give up — as usual!

Any thoughts on this, anyone? Is it easier for a new illustrator to try to get the attention of art directors first, or artist’s reps/agents?

Or is it better to just forget it and put your energy into something you’re more likely to succeed at, like teaching your cat to diagram sentences* or something?

*see above


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