Great article on literary agents

This is not only a really informative read, but also very funny: Answers to 14 Questions You’re Too Afraid to Ask Literary Agents.


And it also offers some reassurance that agents are actual human beings with souls and senses of humor and stuff! Or at least the agent who wrote the article is…for now.

After reading about some of the hair-raising things she’s experienced as an agent, I’m assuming eventually she’ll have to turn inhuman and heartless just in the interests of self-preservation.

I mean, check out this gem from the article:

“Dear Agent:  What do you really think of speed-pitching events at conferences? Do you secretly hate them? And how many of your new authors do you find at writing conferences, versus the slush pile, versus other methods?

Well, let’s see. Here are some things that have happened to me at speed-dating-style pitch sessions:

• After I said I would not be interested in looking at a man’s poetry collection, he said he would kill himself—and the police had to be called.”

Yikes. That kind of thing makes you think being an agent might be almost as bad as being a writer trying to get an agent!


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