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Illustrations and Character Designs

Just thought I’d share some illustrations for a story I wrote called The Haunted Serpentcharacters 1

I didn’t plan to do illustrations, since it seems like publishers aren’t exactly overjoyed at hearing “I’m a brand-new unpublished doofus AND I drawed you some purty pitchers!!!!!”….but I’ve been reading so many fun chapter books lately with creative visual elements — like the Origami Yoda books, which have lots of little doodles in the margins courtesy of one of the characters in the story — that I just had to see what I could come up with, even it’s just for my own amusement.

I think I’m going to do some more (because I don’t have enough projects going already HA HA), especially more notes and drawings and maps from the main character’s notebook. Actually I’m having so much fun with these that it’s tempting me to rewrite yet AGAIN, just to build more snippets of the notebook into the story…

In fact…maybe I need to rewrite the whole thing as one of those epistolary novels, like 43 Old Cemetery Road!

I know! I’ll just keep revising and revising this ONE manuscript for the REST OF MY LIFE and never ever consider it finished!! (Coincidentally, it’s also the perfect way to avoid rejection…)


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