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Old-fashioned people, lookin’ creepy

That’s one of my favorite things! So I thought I’d share a bit of new work I just finished up on that subject :)

pen and ink rendering of 1920s family looking sinister.
Family Portrait II. pen and ink, 11″x14″.

It’s based on an old photo of a family I ran across somewhere– a perfectly normal, harmless-looking family, I should add. If anyone knows them, I apologize for making your ancestors look like they were harboring dark secrets.

Here’s Family Portrait I, by the way:

Family Portrait I. Mixed media, 8″x10″.

I expect one day I’ll dominate the market for artwork featuring old-fashioned people looking secretive… Inky Beast Illustration: One-stop shopping for all your Unsettling Family Portrait needs!


5 thoughts on “Old-fashioned people, lookin’ creepy”

  1. These drawings are awesome! I especially like the girl with the doll-she is super creepy and great. You might be able to make some cash doing drawings like this of real, current families at a comic con or something. :) Thank you for following my blog. I have looked at some of the work on your site, and will be back to enjoy more of it. Good luck with all of your endeavors!

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