Ray Ferrer: Another Seizure, More Artwork, and a New View on Life…….

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share this post from Ray Ferrer– he’s an artist whose work I love, and he’s recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor. He is truly inspiring — both in the incredible artwork he creates, and in his wonderful positive outlook as he goes through this ordeal.

He’s also a full-time artist, and I can only imagine how scary the medical bills must be looking… If you want to help, take a look at his Etsy shop; he’s got a special 50%-off offer on everything in the shop to help with medical expenses.

Ray Ferrer - Emotion on Canvas

Family, bloggers, friends, fans, and supporters,

Another Seizure:
On Friday the 13th (I know,.. right) I had a seizure that lasted for 2 hours, caused by this brain tumor, as many of you are now aware of.  It landed me in the ER for quite some time and most of it I do not remember.  Which is probably best.

One funny thing I do remember though; as the seizure started I was alert and when the EMT / Ambulance staff arrived they said to me “Sir, can you please hold still so I can get an IV in?”   This actually made me laugh out loud and still does :)

So, up until today, and still a tad bit so, I am dealing with partial paralysis on my right side which is temporary I am told and called Todd’s Paralysis.  I have been doing strength training, working on writing and…

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