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Warning: Sappiness Ahead

Okay, if you don’t like cute fuzzy animals, just stop right here. (And also, what is wrong with you?!?! ARE YOU A ROBOT)

So, here’s the story: One year ago today, a little dog that had been found in a field woke up on her first morning in an animal shelter. (Don’t worry, there’s a happy ending.)

Now, this is how Wicket wakes up in the mornings:


On fleece sheets, with her head on a big fluffy pillow, crowding her pack-mates off the edges of the mattress. Just as things were meant to be!

Here’s her old dating profile from Petfinder (she used to call herself Nora–I don’t even know. She was girlier back then I guess?):


To whoever took this little goofball to the shelter: huge mistake. YOOOOOGE. But thank you! You took her there on my birthday, and she’s the best birthday present ever.

The day we took her home is such a sweet memory–what a feeling, to be able to make another being SO completely, perfectly happy. So this is my little nudge to anybody out there thinking of getting a pet: please ADOPT! It’s almost as wonderful for you as it is for the little fur-person whose life you save.



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