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The Haunted Serpent: Sneak peek!

Just going through some files on my computer that I haven’t looked at in a while and came across an illustration for my (currently unpublished) middle grade novel The Haunted Serpent that I’d forgotten all about! That book has SO many illustrations (80 or something crazy like that…I forget/have blocked out exactly how many) that I was practically in a coma by the time I finished up. So now I get to have that wonderful experience where you can revisit your own work and almost look at it as if it was done by someone else, and think for just an instant, “Hey, that’s not so sucky!” (That’s high praise coming from me to me.)

Here’s one of my favorites, just to give you a little sneak peek at the things that go on in my head. Why do I write stories in which kids find corpses all the time? That, I cannot explain…





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