Autosave Hell and other Writers’ Pet Peeves

via My top 6 writing pet peeves

I just have to share this fantastic guest post by Amy Karian. It made me feel so much less alone! I didn’t know that other writers have that thing happen where you’ve got three characters in a scene, and somehow the third one just…slides out of existence. (Amy also found THE perfect cat gif to illustrate this phenomenon.)

And especially check out #6 — the heartbreak of old versions of things autosaving over finished versions. I was SO glad to find that this happens to other people! I mean, that’s not so nice of me, but I guess it’s true that misery loves company…


Lately I’ve been finding that OneDrive is a bottomless source of variations of Oh My God, This Is Actually The Old Version And I Saved Over The New Version Hell.

Over the weekend, I actually found that OneDrive had helpfully sent a file I was working on over to the recycle bin, apparently just ’cause. Super cool!

Anyone else have tales of autosave woe? I’d love to hear ’em!


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