in other news…

I just recently dredged up three childhood phobias, which I thought I'd record here for posterity before I forget about them again. I think bizarre childhood fears can be such fruitful territory for stories and art...I'm just certain these will come in handy someday! Plus it's just so funny to remember things like this... So… Continue reading in other news…

art projects

new idea

Just wanted to get this down somewhere before I forget about it-- I don't have time to work on anything right now because library school is turning out to be EXTREMELY time-consuming, so I have to write any ideas I have down until I can work on them at some point... Of course, that only… Continue reading new idea


another neat site to keep an eye on

Just stumbled across this while supposed to be doing schoolwork, so I haven't had time to take as close a look as I'd like, but I'll definitely be going back! So here's the link so I don't lose it: She has all kindsa nifty tips on using polymer clays like Fimo and Sculpey, among… Continue reading another neat site to keep an eye on

art projects

new stuff! the orangutan series

Well, it's been a while! I haven't been keeping up on writing entries here too well, but I have been working on my goal of getting one new illustration done a week-- working on it, you'll note, not accomplishing it! I've been putting in a lot of work on the Orangutan series, but I've been… Continue reading new stuff! the orangutan series

art projects

“the philosopher”, all finished up (?)

Here's the scan of The Philosopher in His Chambers, the finished version (Or at least close to finished--I'm not 100% sure there won't be a bit more fiddling still): I like him...looking forward to getting his friends and acquaintances finished up! In the meantime, I'm also going to scan in a few of the other… Continue reading “the philosopher”, all finished up (?)

art projects, work in progress

new piece/new idea for a series

Well, I've done pretty well this last week-- one of my goals I'd made, once it became clear that without deadlines for classes I was completely dorking out on getting any art done, was to get some sketching done every day. It helps a lot when you're in a dry spell for ideas to have… Continue reading new piece/new idea for a series


another goal to keep in mind

Haven't worked on this one yet, but I want to write it down so I'll feel guilty every time I see this and think about not getting anything done on it... I've been reading about how to submit picture books, and I need to make a dummy for the Lettuce Rancher; now I know how… Continue reading another goal to keep in mind


in which i begin a blog

Well, I've decided to make some new goals for myself to help me keep on track with getting new work done, working on submitting to publishers, and that kind of thing. So I thought keeping a little journal here would be a good way to remind myself of what I want to focus on, new… Continue reading in which i begin a blog