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Good grief, where’ve I been?

Uh, I guess at work, mostly. That's kind of a good excuse for not updating my blog, right? I got a job working at the local public library as the temporary youth services librarian, and it's pretty cool to be putting my very-nearly-completed degree to some use. And it's (mostly) pretty nice to be back… Continue reading Good grief, where’ve I been?

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The Well Witch

So I'm having a show this month at Pangaea Cafe and Pub here in Quincy, CA, and I've been working feverishly trying to finish up a few more pieces for it. Just got this one done a few days ago and have been meaning to post it: It's from a book I just read (which… Continue reading The Well Witch

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I think I dozed off and missed the summer.

I'm really not sure how it suddenly got to be almost September all of a sudden. So much for posting more regularly during the summer, huh? Well, I had a tough summer class, okay?! Sheesh! (And of course I'm addressing all the masses of people who've been awaiting new posts from me with bated breath.)… Continue reading I think I dozed off and missed the summer.

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New illustrations!

See, didn't I say I'd be updating soon? It's so helpful to have a real workspace now--I love being able to go up to my studio and work and have everything organized and accessible... So in just the last few days I've gotten four things done that I'd been working on for months, which is… Continue reading New illustrations!

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a new drawing

What a hectic couple of months! First getting ready to move away from foggy, cold Humboldt County, while dealing with finals at the same time; then actually moving (that was a hellish weekend, for sure); then summer classes started just a week after we moved into our new house. The good news is that the… Continue reading a new drawing

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another Coraline-related post…

Do I talk about anything else these days?! I just thought I ought to post some pictures of my finished box for the swap, because if nothing else I know my mommy wants to see them... So here we go: the latch is made from two old earrings and a copper wire (that I annealed… Continue reading another Coraline-related post…

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I am in *love*

...with my inspired-by-Coraline tortoise. He's got his shell attached now and I just need to do a couple little nit-picky things and then he's done. He is very handsome, I think you'll agree: Aww! Isn't he cool? I wish the colors in his shell showed up better, but you can see the texture of it… Continue reading I am in *love*

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Stuff for Coraline box swap (in progress)

Just thought I'd post some photos of what I've done so far for the Coraline mystery box swap that my little mochi organized. I just got my cigar box today, and it's so much cooler than the photos on eBay made it look! I was really nervous after I ordered it that it was not… Continue reading Stuff for Coraline box swap (in progress)

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Coraline box swap–I’m in!

Yay!! I'm so excited about it...I've already got stuff planned and sketches going. I just need to find a box & some red velvet, but I have everything else I'll need. That's what I'll be working on for the next few weeks because it has to get in the mail on March 16th and that… Continue reading Coraline box swap–I’m in!


Coraline box swap

I was looking around some more at the Coraline movie website and came across Bobinsky's blog, which I hadn't read before (really funny!). Anyway, it looks like I'm not the only one still wishing I'd gotten a Coraline box...(Even Bobinsky wishes he had--poor guy, you'd think he'd have been a sure thing!) Some bloggers are… Continue reading Coraline box swap