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see, I’m posting again

I'm so totally sticking with my resolution this time!! *knocks wood, secretly expects not to post again for five years* Anyway, I finished another quick painting and thought I'd share. I'm experimenting with painting in Photoshop more than I used to -- I used to only paint traditionally and then do finishing touches digitally. But… Continue reading see, I’m posting again

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News and Such.

Wow, why am I so bad about posting regularly? Trick question--I have no idea! Okay, so as always, I'm resolving to post more faithfully. Here is my current news to get the ball rolling: Let's start with a visual aid! Here's thing I just made: I painted it on my beautiful new Surface! I've been… Continue reading News and Such.

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Owen’s Uncles: A webcomic of TERROR

Okay not really. Unless you're very easily terrified. But if you're looking for a fun read appropriate for spooky fall evenings, check out my comic OWEN'S UNCLES! The first page is up today, and I'll be posting a page a day until Halloween, followed by updates every Friday after that! Check out the first page… Continue reading Owen’s Uncles: A webcomic of TERROR

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The Haunted Serpent: Sneak peek!

Just going through some files on my computer that I haven't looked at in a while and came across an illustration for my (currently unpublished) middle grade novel The Haunted Serpent that I'd forgotten all about! That book has SO many illustrations (80 or something crazy like that...I forget/have blocked out exactly how many) that… Continue reading The Haunted Serpent: Sneak peek!

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Just sharing a new piece... I created this for a fundraiser/raffle coming up this summer to benefit an awesome local youth group called SWEET. So if you are reading this because you live somewhere in my general neck-o'-the-woods, keep an eye out for the SWEET raffle, buy zillions of tickets to support a good cause,… Continue reading Strolling.

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Extraordinary Sam Cover Reveal!

Just finished up a really fun project for an upcoming book called Extraordinary Sam  (by Kevin A. Springer, published by BookFish Books) ... I got to do the cover art! It's a super fun middle grade novel about an ordinary boy (what? You were expecting maybe something more than ordinary, for some reason?!) who stumbles into an amazing… Continue reading Extraordinary Sam Cover Reveal!

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Started submitting illustration samples!

Finally.  It took HOURS fiddling with colors until my printer would produce copies that look SOMETHING like the originals, but I started mailing samples to publishers! Whew. It's such a long process -- made longer by me constantly chickening out and deciding I didn't have any pieces that were good enough to send out, doing… Continue reading Started submitting illustration samples!

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Monkey and Bear

Ta-da, new illustration! This one is for a song by Joanna Newsom called -- you'd never guess by the title of my post --  "Monkey and Bear." It's, um...kind of a folk-y, ballad-y story-song sort of thing that I just love, and since it does tell such a vivid, weird story I thought it would… Continue reading Monkey and Bear

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New painting, yay me!

I don't know why, but I'm managing to be so productive lately! I just have to be a little self-congratulatory-- not that it's necessarily all good stuff, but hey, at least it exists, right? It's all good practice, anyway... I think it's because I've been getting better at shutting up my inner critic and just… Continue reading New painting, yay me!

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At the Window

I finished a new painting a couple of days ago...though I haven't had a chance to adjust the colors of the scan yet, so it's a bit off...but no one can tell that except me, so I guess it's okay for now! But what does it all mean, you ask? (...You didn't ask? Oh. Ahem.)… Continue reading At the Window