Six Years Ago…

I just found out that it was six years ago today that Mr. Rogers passed away and now I'm sad! I only found out because I was just over at Rifftrax (Rifftrax is what some of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 guys--Bill Corbett, Mike Nelson, and Kevin Murpy--are doing now [for me those three are… Continue reading Six Years Ago…


two interesting blogs about writing

Just stumbled on two interesting blogs that i wanted to post links to so I remember to follow them... I was reading Cleolinda when I should be doing schoolwork (putting off the 20-page paper I need to finish up), and followed a link to this blog entry about what-not-to-do as an aspiring writer--pretty funny story!… Continue reading two interesting blogs about writing


oog, major unreasonable fit of envy

I've just been looking around at all the mysterious boxes various super-special bloggers have been getting from the people making the Coraline movie and I am so excessively green with envy right now, I can't even tell you! And then Billy insists on being all reasonable and junk, telling me things like "Well, since you've… Continue reading oog, major unreasonable fit of envy

art projects, work in progress

new piece/new idea for a series

Well, I've done pretty well this last week-- one of my goals I'd made, once it became clear that without deadlines for classes I was completely dorking out on getting any art done, was to get some sketching done every day. It helps a lot when you're in a dry spell for ideas to have… Continue reading new piece/new idea for a series