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another Coraline-related post…

Do I talk about anything else these days?! I just thought I ought to post some pictures of my finished box for the swap, because if nothing else I know my mommy wants to see them... So here we go: the latch is made from two old earrings and a copper wire (that I annealed… Continue reading another Coraline-related post…

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received my Coraline box!

You know how every time you see a box on the doorstep you have that instant where you think in the back of your mind that maybe, just this once, it's not going to be something like new filters for the vacuum cleaner or a car part or whatever, but instead a mysterious present from… Continue reading received my Coraline box!

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I am in *love*

...with my inspired-by-Coraline tortoise. He's got his shell attached now and I just need to do a couple little nit-picky things and then he's done. He is very handsome, I think you'll agree: Aww! Isn't he cool? I wish the colors in his shell showed up better, but you can see the texture of it… Continue reading I am in *love*

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Stuff for Coraline box swap (in progress)

Just thought I'd post some photos of what I've done so far for the Coraline mystery box swap that my little mochi organized. I just got my cigar box today, and it's so much cooler than the photos on eBay made it look! I was really nervous after I ordered it that it was not… Continue reading Stuff for Coraline box swap (in progress)


finished moving…

I had to move all of my posts from Sitekreator by hand because I couldn't find a way to export them... It was a pain, but I think it was worth it--I really like WordPress's blog features (still like the rest of my site on Sitekreator better, though, so there it stays). So here I… Continue reading finished moving…